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Sourcing Around the Globe

Purchasing Products & Supplier sourcing internationally and from China. Nexol Technologies can be your greatest product sourcing company because we are knowledgeable and have been in business for decade. We have office in China and also have sourcing partners in Mexico and Brazil.


If you are establishing a business while juggling an online store, a personal retail store, and Amazon FBA and FBM,

You’re having trouble finding goods anyplace in the world.

You’ve just arrived in the proper location.


  • Using Alibaba to responsibly find manufacturers and suppliers
  • Organize and combine samples
  • Manage MOQ and price negotiations
  • Complete the information on the excel sheet
  • Calculate shipping and logistics costs (by the ocean and by air)
  • Quality assessment
  • Specific packaging
  • Whole shipment with a price list for DDP, EXW, and FOB
  • Everyday reporting
Sample Consolidation - Nexol Technologies

Sample Consolidation

We have dedicated team and Chinese associates situated in China, we can assist you with sample collection, packing, and product inspection from the consumer’s point of view before consolidating transportation from China to the required location.

Freight Forwarding

Every type of transportation is offered by Nexol Technologies (Train, Ship, and Air). We have our own freight forwarders who can help send your goods from one international location to another safely and on schedule because we are situated in China. Door To Door is a reputable shipping company that will provide dependable delivery of goods straight to your door or the doors of your clients while saving you time, potential tension, and headaches.

Freight Forwarding - Nexol Technologies
  • Verified Vendor/Agent Affordable shipping costs
  • Manages all shipments from any Chinese city
  • Storage in a warehouse
  • Solid network, plus more
Amazon Product Patent Check Service - Nexol Technologies

Patent Check

To anyone who want to operate legally in order to run your Amazon business, we are offering our professional patent and trademark check services. You must confirm that your products are not protected by a patent or trademark owned by a rival before selling them on Amazon. You may face serious legal issues if they are already patented or trademarked.

How do we operate?

  • We thoroughly scan all official databases for patent searches in both domestic and foreign markets.
  • We present all applicable patent searches and supporting documentation as evidence that we have the skills and expertise to check the language and logo design for trademark infringement.
  • Working with us guarantees complete protection for your creation.
  • Every time, we agree to a non-disclosure agreement.

Certification Lab Test

For your Amazon seller account, our knowledgeable team can assist you in obtaining a valid CPC certificate that complies with CPSIA criteria and a test report from a lab that has been accredited by the CPSC.

Certification Lab Test - Nexol Technologies
Nexol Technologies already handling Amazon accounts around the globe and have expertise in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Ready to streamline your global sourcing process?

Choose Nexol Technologies for expert services like sample consolidation, efficient freight forwarding, thorough patent checks, and reliable certification lab tests. Expand your business with confidence - partner with us today!

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Nexol tech is a technology consulting organization that builds, Designs and delivers top notch services to enterprises. Unlock the Magic of Recurring Revenue: Join FREE Live Consultation

Nexol tech is a technology consulting organization that builds, Designs and delivers top notch services to enterprises. Unlock the Magic of Recurring Revenue: Join FREE Live Consultation

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