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Digital Marketing for the Branded World

Digital Marketing for the Branded World. We building resilient bands, Safeguarding reputations and leading the direct to consumers marketing revolution.

Branding - Nexol Technologies


Create a competitive advantage with a digital branding strategy that differentiates your organization from the competition.

The art and science of building a competitive advantage that sets your company apart from the competition is known as branding. Our brand strategy services at Nexol Technologies are founded on years of research into the emotional drivers of audience connection to brands. For your company, organization, and target audiences, we carefully examine audience behaviors, trends, corporate culture, and narrative.

Insights into human decision-making are provided by Nexol to help establish brands. To put your brand in the spotlight, we combine top-notch creative with research, trend analysis, analytics, and testing.

To determine how your brand and business objectives fit, we do a brand audit, market study, audience segmentation, and business strategy. Next, we establish your brand’s position and choose a narrative.


Make your digital advertising strategy work for your brand with the right mix of formats, creative design, and messaging to achieve your goals.

A tailored digital advertising and media plan can help you stand out from the competition and connect with the particular consumers you want to reach.

To achieve your objectives while staying within your advertising budget, Nexol, always chooses the ideal combination of audiences, formats, creative design, and messaging. We continually experiment with different calls-to-action, ads, and upcoming platforms to improve our approach and deliver more for your business at a lower cost.

Advertising - Nexol Technologies

We can determine the ideal media mix for your brand with the assistance of Nexol Technologies’ network of media partners and platforms. Our abilities range widely, but not just as follows:

Reach your audience anywhere, on any platform, with to-the-penny accountability.

  • Paid search advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Programmatic advertising including geo-fencing
  • Content marketing and native advertising
  • Amazon advertising
  • Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Out-of-home (OOH) including digital placements, static billboards, and radio
  • Digital audio
Public Relations - Nexol Technologies

Public Relations

Accelerate investment, increase revenue, become a thought leader, or recharge recruiting with proven communications strategies to help you reach specific business outcomes.

It is very important to inspire industry’s top thinkers and performers influence them to make product launches successful, acquisitions, valuations, and IPOs, We offer voice to the sector’s leading thinkers and achievers. To ensure that you control your location, we provide award-winning B2B, B2G, and tech startup PR skills.

Our travels have taken us to, Speeded up investment, increase revenue, Enhance authority, and renewed recruitment

Our PR expertise includes:

  • Message and branding
  • Media outreach
  • The internet
  • Planning and logistics for events and award submissions
  • Editorial strategy, as well as content for blogs, articles written by authors, case studies, white papers, and websites
  • Planning and logistics for events and award submissions
  • Internet advertising and design are examples of creative content
  • Lead nurturing, inbound marketing, and SEO and SEM services
  • Account approach, with ROI monitoring

Online Reputation Management

Access niche online reputation management services to tell your story and empower your brand online. More and more, people base important judgments and decisions only on search results. Why let those outcomes be arbitrary? With Nexol Technologies, you can effectively communicate your brand’s message, take charge of your online reputation, and stand out for the right reasons.

Nexol Technologies defined the field of online reputation management (ORM) as a firm established at the beginning of the search engine era and had better expertise providing top companies with tactical reputation solutions and ORM services.

Online Reputation Management - Nexol Technologies

Anywhere relevant online information exists, we create, monitor, and exert influence in order to highlight the elements of your story that you want to be known for.

Content - Nexol Technologies


Make a lasting impression with clear, compelling messaging that tells your audience what’s at stake and gives them a reason to believe.

Each brand has a narrative. How do you convey yours? In order to communicate with your target consumers clearly and effectively, our skilled copywriters and content strategists master your brand voice. We are aware of how to strike a balance between clarity and persuasion in your messaging so that it compels, educates, and motivates your audience to act.

Our content services cover everything from long-form thought leadership pieces, whitepapers, and eBooks to website content, social media, ad copy, and email marketing campaigns. Every piece of footage is combined by Nexol Technologies to create a cohesive narrative.

To make sure that the material we develop will assist you in reaching your objectives, we continuously test message and keep on top of messaging and copywriting trends.


Define and connect your brand’s visual and experiential touch points to create unforgettable experiences and drive business results.

Design is the structure that provides your brand form, weight, and substance. It shapes memories, influences decisions, and tells a tale.

Design conveys the key elements of your brand to encourage loyalty, unite your workforce, and advance commercial objectives.

Design - Nexol Technologies

Nexol Technologies offers a multi-disciplinary design strategy to integrate all aspect of your brand and provide the world a full picture, from graphic design to UX and experiential design services. To connect your brand story across media, formats, and use cases, our expert designers pay close attention to every aspect, from color selection to typeface and photo style. Nexol Technologies leverages design thinking to work backwards from your goal and design for the solution you need.

Social Media - Nexol Technologies

Social media

With a social media strategy and playbook created just for your brand, you can make sure you’re communicating the appropriate message through the proper channels.

You need to understand how to use various social media platforms to reach your audience with interesting, educational, and engaging social material if you want to be successful as a brand, business, or organization.

To carry out complete social media audits, our SEO, online reputation management, public relations, and social media experts work together. We pinpoint your strengths, the locations of particular audiences, and the channels and platforms you might wish to incorporate into your digital presence in order to achieve a particular objective.

To create social calendars and create relevant, engaging, and shareable content, Nexol Technologies employs tried-and-true ideas and techniques. After that, we either publish this content ourselves or have our employees post stuff from your networks.

We can also collaborate closely with significant brand stakeholders.


Achieve business results with technology solutions designed to compel your audiences and enhance their interactions with your brand.

Nexol Technologies creates technological innovations with the functionality you require to serve your audience and surpass your business objectives. These innovations span sectors and verticals.

The same strategies we establish for your brand may be used to your website since our teams collaborate effortlessly.

Technology - Nexol Technologies

Our developers, who are experts in Drupal, WordPress, and Shopify Plus, work with our user experience (UX) specialists and UI (user interface) designers to produce human-centered solutions that encourage enduring connections with your business.

Analytics - Nexol Technologies


Measure results to better identify, understand, and engage your audiences according to your needs and goals.

Data and analytics are the cornerstones of our programs at Nexol. Our team is aware of the value of business objectives and the skill involved in transforming data into insightful knowledge that shapes your company’s strategy.

As the foundation for all analytics implementation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) initiatives, we carry out analytics audits and create a measurement plan framework.

For the purpose of gathering, combining, and normalizing data from several sources in one location, our Analytics team offers Omni channel reports. To gather and visualize data, we make use of a wide range of platforms, such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Shopify Analytics, Call Rail, social media monitoring tools, and a number of other reporting and business intelligence tools.

Nexol Technologies already handling Amazon accounts around the globe and have expertise in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

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Nexol tech is a technology consulting organization that builds, Designs and delivers top notch services to enterprises. Unlock the Magic of Recurring Revenue: Join FREE Live Consultation

Nexol tech is a technology consulting organization that builds, Designs and delivers top notch services to enterprises. Unlock the Magic of Recurring Revenue: Join FREE Live Consultation

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